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Wood of the Witches

                    A magical place Although it is becoming one of the well-trodden paths amongst photo locations, it still is a magical place: Wistman's Wood NNR in the heart of Dartmoor National Park. During my short trip to this beautiful part of England, at the beginning of June, a visit to this special forest was on my list.     C apturing the wood The time chosen for a visit turned out to be the only cloudy morning of the entire journey. That not only improved the atmosphere, it also meant that there was no need to walk over the bare hills in the 'bloody heat' or the 'pouring rain'. Some rain would have been appreciated, but you can't have it all . I will revisit some time in the F all.😊                       About the wood Wistman's Wood is a forest full of stunted and twisted oaks covered with bl il berries, moss and ferns. Only a few 'other brand s ' such as mountain ash and holly grow among the oaks. The woo

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